Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend The International Conference on Quality Management & Outsourcing in the BioPharmaceutical and MedTech Industry, (QUOIN2024) which will take place 20-21 November 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Conference will look at quality management as a fundamentally cooperative process, the cornerstone to a common building shared and brought alive by stakeholders not just from different functions but far more often than not also from different organisations. Outsourcing, be it of routine tasks or of high-level expertise, is such a common occurrence, a fact of life (sciences) in the industry, that quality management always has to apply to and take into account outsourced processes, functions and the process of outsourcing itself, just as outsourcing might apply to aspects of quality management.

The Conference aims to bring together the diverse stakeholders in this shared space from quality managers, QA specialists, and auditors, over system and process owners, those involved in validation, review and QC steps across services and lifecycles, to project and outsourcing managers.

The Conference will span topics from initial risk assessment and management, over vendor selection and qualification, to auditing, system validation, and oversight, encompassing the entire quality journey on which companies and their vendors embark together, be it in development or manufacturing, in the lab, in the clinic, or in the real world.

Whether you come from a biotech start-up confronted with GxP questions for the very first time, a global pharmaceutical or medtech company with well-established processes, or from an expert consultancy in quality or a quality-governed field, we hope you will join us at QUOIN2024 in Copenhagen.

Kind regards,                               

Johann Daniel Weyer
Conference Chair